Our Mission Statement

Celebrate our heritage, create our legacy, build a bright and strong today and tomorrow for our children and our grandchildren. To emphasis Grainger County’s history past, present and future.

The Grainger County Historic Society is a group of citizens that have come together to preserve Grainger County’s historical legacy for today and for future generations. Grainger County Historic Society is responsible for collecting, examining, restoring and replicating Grainger Counties History. Grainger County houses some of the oldest and most distinguished records relating exclusively to Tennessee.

Grainger County is located at the Cross Roads of History. This county was the portal where settlers passed through to the south and west and the 13 colonies became a nation.  Our history dates back to the Cherokees Warpath, Long Hunters and Revolutionary War up to today.  Grainger County Historic Society is dedicated in preserving and sharing our history with the rest of the United States.